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Servi-Tek delivers innovative janitorial cleaning services that take the stress and guesswork out of facility maintenance. At Servi-Tek, we know your corporate building is often your first (and only) opportunity to make a positive impression on clients, tenants, employees, and stakeholders. Our customized janitorial cleaning solutions optimize internal efficiencies, improve overall office health, and create a professional and polished environment that elevates the entire visitor experience, all while still providing critical cost savings that sets us apart from the competition.

Servi-Tek: Customized Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Servi-Tek Cleaning

Market data shows that energy costs can make up 30-50% of total demand charges. As a company committed to providing earth-friendly services, Servi-Tek takes energy conservation very seriously. Unlike most companies that light up the entire facility when cleaning, Servi-Tek systematically works through the building, cleaning one floor at a time. This simple, yet results-driven approach reduces utility costs by 5-10%, a savings we pass on directly to clients to protect their bottom line.

Most importantly, at Servi-Tek, we deliver eco-friendly janitorial services. We only use the very best green cleaning products and follow the highest green cleaning standards and practices. Our commitment to sustainable janitorial cleaning strategies, coupled with our energy saving techniques ensure that Servi-Tek clients not only save money but also are doing their part to protect the environment. That’s the Servi-Tek difference.

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Our Mission

Servi-Tek is the leader in innovative technology and unparalleled service. We are relentless in the pursuit of customer happiness and tribal development.