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August 05, 2021 | Blog

Hiring a Commercial Janitorial Services In San Diego

Janitorial services are used to maintain businesses and commercial places in clean condition. Start your business with a commercial janitorial service in San Diego.
Hiring a Commercial Janitorial Services In San Diego

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, the janitorial services industry was growing annually by an estimated 4%. Commercial facilities needed cleaning services for office space, medical offices and clinics, industrial, manufacturing, and retail properties. As workers return, business owners and property and facility professionals will likely seek janitorial cleaning services.

The commercial real estate environment in San Diego County has demonstrated some resilience. The San Diego Union-Tribune explained that commercial activity is volatile every month in certain market segments. While some large commercial facilities have significant availability (vacancies) for new tenants–others have remained stable.

Some retailers have struggled, such as the closures of Nordstrom in Escondido and Sears locations in Carlsbad and Chula Vista. Meanwhile, biotech companies continue occupying and expanding their facilities in the Sorrento Valley. 

Amazon recently leased 500,000+ square feet of commercial space in Poway and several large buildings in Spring Valley were sold.

RAF Pacifica Group, a commercial real estate developer in Encinitas, is optimistic about their new mixed-use, industrial, and office facilities, and commercial building activities in Oceanside and San Marcos, 

The outlook among many business and franchise ownership groups suggests that San Diego will remain a leading national city for commercial real estate investment.

Why are commercial cleaning services needed in Southern California and across the U.S? 

Maintaining a cleaner environment has a tremendously positive effect on many different aspects of their day-to-day operations. Having thoroughly and regularly scheduled service from a commercial cleaning company boosts morale, productivity, safety, and much more.

For employees, it might subconsciously establish norms and expectations regarding the facility’s or their employer’s values and level of professionalism. A clean and tidy setting allows for greater focus by reducing distractions and stress.

What Is Commercial Janitorial Service?

What Is Commercial Janitorial Service?

A variety of organizations perform commercial janitorial services including small businesses, franchises, and larger regional or national providers. Well-run operators are increasingly investing in and adopting new technology such as cleaning equipment that improves efficiency.

The majority are third-party contractors that employ the requisite knowledge and expertise to deliver the best service to their commercial clients.

Importance of Commercial Janitorial Services

Having a neat and hygienic workplace environment has been shown to create a more welcoming and comfortable setting for employees. Failing to clean a place of business can result in a higher likelihood of accidents and more employee sick days.

Businesses seeking to conform to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards should also consider having professional building cleaners.

Companies that have regular visits from customers, clients, or other guests may need to maintain a top-quality image.

Appearance has been proven to matter, as the conditions of the property or facility are often the basis for perceptions and opinions. Demonstrating a commitment to having a safe, organized, and properly cleaned environment might also differentiate your business from competitors.

Advantages of Commercial Janitorial Services in San Diego, CA

Commercial real estate assets and businesses that choose commercial janitorial companies for regular services often find that they save a significant amount of time – and money – versus performing the functions in-house. Properly calculating the savings might require considering a host of different internal costs.

Examples include recruiting, training, and supervising staff, reducing cleaning supplies and equipment expenses, and many more. The professional service staff operates somewhat independently “behind the scenes” to maintain the environment.

In the meanwhile, the facility management team benefits from having more time to devote to other critical operational goals.

How Can Commercial Janitorial Services Help Your Business

In the San Diego area, commercial cleaning represents a form of preventative maintenance, as excellent janitorial services prevent potentially larger and more costly problems later. This is another way of achieving a positive return on investment (ROI) from a full-service, third-party team of cleaning professionals. We highly recommend proper  cleaning and disinfection practices.

For example, schools have high-traffic areas with students and staff moving through various common areas. In this setting, a more frequent cleaning and disinfection schedule is best. Commercial cleaning in the workplace has become a leading topic since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Commercial assets and employers face increased levels of concern amongst tenants, employees, and workers who are hesitant to enter larger shared settings.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently been at the forefront of creating office cleaning and workplace guidelines.

The CDC has been emphasizing the importance of creating internal plans and protocols for maintaining workplace safety and supporting “green cleaning” practices.

Some of the fundamental best practices include maintaining social distancing among building occupants and developing other safety measures.

Many businesses have determined ways of staggering work shift schedules or working remotely to limit the number of building occupants at a time.

In many environments, social distancing measures can more practically be implemented than others such as those with necessary interaction.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) has been increasingly sought after such as gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, and more.

Having a regular team of professionals available on-site presents a great potential solution for enhancing the cleaning and disinfection standards.

What to Look for in San Diego Janitorial Services Providers

Property and Facility management professionals should pursue local commercial cleaning companies who create customized solutions based on the unique aspects of their buildings and budgets.

For example, if you have large carpeted areas you will want an organization that will adhere to a carpet cleaning schedule.

Most providers offer free estimates and quotes that contain a detailed summary of the scope of included services.

How to Evaluate San Diego Janitorial Services Providers

How to Evaluate San Diego Janitorial Services Providers

The process of evaluating different commercial janitorial companies involved performing some basic diligence. Ask them for references from customers and inquire regarding safety protocols, insurance coverage, internal quality-control measures, and staff training requirements.


A recent report in Cleaning & Maintenance Magazine (CMM) discussed how to effectively implement a janitorial schedule and plan.

The term baseline in the context of janitorial services refers to determining initial standards and expectations.

The first time a neglected business environment is cleaned the process is generally more involved and time-consuming. After this initial cleaning, determine if the work represents sufficient quality.

If so, this is the basis or baseline for future expectations as the regular cleaning schedule continues. In most cases, the regular process of cleaning the area will subsequently require less deep cleaning to achieve the baseline.

A baseline should contain a written scope of work outlining each task to be performed along with a frequency (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly).


Working with a janitorial service provider that delivers excellent customer service is critical, i.e., maintaining client communication, being responsive, and ensuring that the facility is consistently maintained.

Continue improving the initial business cleaning plan–which is a key to overall customer service and satisfaction.


Does the prospective cleaning company use high-quality equipment and supplies and industry-leading chemicals? Is the equipment top-quality to effectively perform the required cleaning operations?  


Does the company routinely train employees on safety issues and cleaning procedures and techniques? Perform maintenance “spot-checks” to ensure compliance.  

Training should not be a one-time occurrence; as ongoing support and training are required for superior performance.


There is no substitute for experience when choosing a commercial cleaning company; therefore, inquire about the experience of the cleaning professionals and the management team.


Any viable commercial cleaning organization will insist that both parties review and approve a contractual agreement in writing.

Failing to properly put all terms and conditions in writing creates the potential for unsatisfied expectations.

It should include contractual considerations, including termination provisions, a detailed summary of the work to be performed, pricing, and any special instructions or preferences.

The Leading San Diego Janitorial Service Organization

At Servi-Tek Facility Solutions we understand the many challenges facing building owners and property and facility managers today.

Large commercial facilities are tasked with maintaining proper safety, a professional image, and the many health concerns from COVID-19 within budgetary parameters. 

Fortunately, we have the organization-wide experience to closely analyze the property and materials involved to create a fully customized facility cleaning plan.

Our best-in-class service platform is based upon combining technology with proactive client service.  

Our proprietary software, Servi-Trak, includes self-inspection and work order modules.  

We are available to provide high-quality services from San Ysidro to Oceanside and La Jolla to El Cajon, along with other local areas.

We look forward to speaking with you regarding how we can partner with you to create a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Please contact our office today for a consultation.

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