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August 10, 2021 | Blog

Professional Anaheim 24/7 Janitorial
with Total Satisfaction

Attempting to do things like Commercial Janitorial services in Anaheim on your own without understanding how can be incredibly difficult and a time-consuming task. Having Commercial 24/7 Janitorial services in Anaheim can be very beneficial for both small and large businesses.
Professional Anaheim 24/7 Janitorial Services with Total Satisfaction

Anaheim Commercial Janitorial Services 

Janitorial services in commercial buildings or properties may involve general office cleaning, day porter services, carpet cleaning, electrostatic spraying, and much more. Unlike maid services or handyman services that focus on house cleaning and maintenance, commercial cleaning services work in business environments. A commercial janitorial services company is composed of on-site professionals that provide superior cleaning services in many different industrial environments.

Professional janitorial services offer cleaning plans and services in settings including retail centers, office buildings, manufacturing or industrial buildings, healthcare facilities, and others. These cleaning experts work with supplies including chemicals, paper products, and equipment needed to deliver customer satisfaction. Full-service commercial cleaning services typically perform window washing, hard floor surface care, emergency response, and other specialty options.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning plans in Southern California often include new disinfection procedures and other ways to prevent the spread of contagious pathogens and viruses. Industry standards and regulations are established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the EPA, and others. In response, cleaning providers are tasked with a wider range of quality disinfection measures for high-touch areas, such as common areas and restroom cleaning.

It should be no surprise that the Anaheim area in Southern California has a thriving market for commercial cleaning services. 

Having high-quality janitorial services is among the most basic means of establishing a great workplace environment. A lack of cleanliness also makes the environment less appealing to workers who spend so many hours there each week. Businesses that have customers who visit the facility also must recognize and appreciate the importance of quality cleaning practices.

What Are Professional Janitorial Services In Anaheim, CA

What Are Professional Janitorial Services In Anaheim, CA

A janitor or cleaning staff is contracted by third-party service companies retained for cleaning. In commercial settings with large numbers of employees, visitors, and other traffic, janitorial services are often continuously needed.

A third-party provider of cleaning and janitorial work can operate independently and remain solely focused on maintaining the property. The building owner and facility or property management team are not burdened by handling staffing and supervision of those performing this work. Janitorial companies are expected to staff these positions with trained professionals that understand the required standards and practices.

The nature and scope of the janitorial work that is necessary often reflect the specific industry, project or building, and operations. Certain commercial cleaning and janitorial companies are now specialty providers for specific types of clients such as hospitality, medical, etc. Other considerations include whether services are needed 24 hours a day, involve special equipment, or are being performed in highly sensitive environments.

Anaheim Janitorial Services: What You Ought to Know

Facility and property managers and building owners in the greater Anaheim area may find it challenging to find a reliable janitorial service provider. In many cases, building management teams may face the decision to outsource in-house cleaning functions to a commercial janitorial services company. 

One of the initial tasks involves generating a full list of the services – along with cleaning frequency – you will require. Carefully developing a scope of work is critical to ensure all parties are on the same page and will allow for ease in comparing pricing amongst professional janitorial services.   

There are a host of potential problems that a building management team may encounter with their current cleaning provider. Some of the common reasons might include a lack of attention to detail, inconsistency, a staff that lacks of professionalism, poor communication, and others. Here, you are encouraged to create a list of these specific concerns to share with new potential companies.

Discuss How Professional Janitorial Services Can Increase Productivity 

A productive commercial plan for maintaining a clean and organized environment on a regular basis improves efficiency and builds morale among the staff. When effectively delivered types of cleaning services occur daily it creates an impression and establishes some positive expectations.

Years of research suggest that an ongoing cleaning service for your office environment will boost productivity in many different ways. Aside from physical illnesses, unsanitary workplaces have been shown to increase stress levels that also hinder overall productivity.

Having a regularly cleaned and maintained working environment might also reduce staff turnover, which results in better morale. Recruiting, screening, hiring, and training new staff is both expensive and labor-intensive, as it consumes tremendous amounts of internal resources. When the day-to-day worker experience is enhanced, they are more likely to feel a sense of job satisfaction.

Significantly, efficiency by your cleaning service provider has a positive impact on your commercial asset’s financial bottom line. 

A Professional Should Understand the Needs of Your Business

The vast majority of commercial janitorial work involves a similar set of likely tasks that need to be performed. These include dusting, sweeping hard surface floors, vacuuming carpet, trash removal, restroom cleaning, supply replenishment, and emptying of trash receptacles in the common areas. 

The emergence of the Coronavirus has heightened awareness regarding the importance of regular cleaning and disinfection practices. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has established workplace guidelines related to reopening after COVID-19 recently. This detailed set of provisions asks employers to execute comprehensive risk assessments of the physical surroundings and work areas.

It is important to understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting an area in the workplace. Cleaning is a process that serves to physically eliminate germs, dust, and other contaminants, typically using cleaning agents, which may or may not contain agents that are intended to kill germs on contact. Disinfection involves the actual killing of germs on any surfaces, furnishing, objects, etc.

Ideally, a thorough process would involve both cleaning and disinfecting the space to completely eradicate both. What are some of the most critical areas in school environments that need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected? Examples include doorknobs, light switches, desktops, handrails, and many others that are frequently touched. 

One segment of commercial facilities that requires creating a schedule of regular cleaning and disinfection is medical locations. Some of the most common medical facilities include hospitals, surgery centers, physician offices, and physical rehabilitation centers. 

Industrial and manufacturing environments generally have some specialized commercial cleaning needs involving large areas surrounded by equipment and machines. In large manufacturing or industrial facilities, the cleaning plan will place considerable emphasis on overall workplace safety.

Another large segment that needs regular cleaning and janitorial activity in Southern California is retail projects. Unique facets of this industry include large parking lots, seasonal surges in customer traffic, high restroom usage, and extended business hours.  

What Are Some Considerations When Hiring Anaheim Janitorial Services?

All businesses that operate in the City of Anaheim are required to apply for and obtain an Anaheim Business License. Also, confirm that the janitorial service provider is also fully insured under the required coverages and limits. Safety is a key consideration when evaluating a commercial cleaning company and should be a priority.

Save Time

Save Time

Busy facilities and property management professionals are likely encountering more responsibilities than ever before. Available time must be prioritized based on importance, often leaving tasks considered less essential for later. The decision to bring in a seasoned team of janitorial professionals is one that many managers find frees up time.

Having the cleaning tasks completed in a timely, consistent, and quality manner allows managers to redirect their efforts. A qualified professional janitorial services firm will have ample management oversight, as well.

Daily, having a company that tends to matters involving vacuuming and trash removal maximizes productivity. The majority of cleaning providers also will accommodate the schedule of the business by working off-hours, weekends, etc. Most management professionals also appreciate no longer having to worry about maintaining the supplies and equipment needed for cleaning operations.

Minimize Costs

Some commercial real estate professionals may not realize how having a third-party janitorial service can actually result in reducing overall costs. To truly gain an understanding of the potential for cost savings typically requires analyzing the “big picture” view of the situation. One often overlooked area of possible savings involves the costs of cleaning supplies, tools, and equipment necessary for performing these tasks.

Minimize Costs

If you have a dedicated in-house cleaning staff, you are paying wages, payroll taxes, and benefits such as vacation time. Training and supervising these staff members either require additional staff or having someone else halt their duties for these purposes. Overall, staff and time are two of the most critical expenses that businesses could be reduced or eliminated.

A large property or facility typically has significant costs for cleaning equipment – some costing thousands of dollars. Failing to clean and maintain these items increases the frequency of replacement, which also may cause some downtime. An experienced provider of commercial cleaning services will effectively tend to these concerns to extend their useable lifespan.

Minimize the Bad Impact on the Environment

According to the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, “green” practices are among the leading goals in commercial markets today. Even small businesses and local trade associations are increasingly embracing the idea of sustainability, as part of health and safety. Many larger corporate employers have made firm commitments to ensuring that eco-friendly products are used exclusively throughout their facilities.

The commercial cleaning industry has traditionally been viewed as one of the primary users of harsh chemicals in workplace environments. Reducing the use of harmful agents and cleaning chemicals is at the forefront of green initiatives today. 

Some commercial cleaning products used had also been volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which were deemed as being harmful. VOCs have been shown to harm ozone layers and potentially enter and pollute the water supply through groundwater systems. 

New eco-friendly cleaning products are balanced for use that reduces dependence on water.

Filtration systems and products are also improving with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) products that once were reserved for hospital use. Limiting the amount of waste that ultimately ends up in landfills is another key goal for the industry.

How to Hire Professional Janitorial Services In Anaheim

One of the easiest ways to potentially identify some great commercial cleaning services is through associates, friends, or colleagues. Check with those in your social circle, business networks, companies nearby, and other contacts you trust for any suggestions.

During your initial meeting with a janitorial company, you may only have contact with an owner, manager, or other sales representatives. If possible, meeting any of their staff, even if very briefly, may provide insight into the quality of their employees. Although this contact with the cleaning staff is not a sure way of guaranteeing the quality of the work, it could help.

Does the representative of the organization seem to be sufficiently focused on maintaining overall safety in the workplace setting? Failing to address safety concerns is one of the most common mistakes made when selecting a commercial janitorial company. The health and safety of your employees, tenants, customer, and other building occupants show to be a strong area of concern.

Although you might have meetings over the phone initially or using another remote option, you should still meet in person. Ask the individual for comments and recommendations. Be sure to ask the individual about how they may approach certain tasks to gauge their experience in properties similar to yours.

Facility and property managers are encouraged to prioritize overall value rather than solely the price; however, competitiveness is still important. Commercial janitorial companies will provide potential clients with a quote that helps make comparisons and proper budgeting. 

4 Tips For Selecting The Best Anaheim Professional Janitorial Services 

  • Service Capabilities: First and foremost, you must choose a provider of janitorial services that offers the services that you specifically need. For example, perhaps your property requires exterior window cleaning in a multi-story commercial building. Some of the specialty services that might not be available include high-pressure cleaning, duct cleaning, or maintenance of hard surfaces.
  • References and reviews: Ask the prospective commercial cleaning company for some references that can attest to their work. It is understandable for newer businesses to have a relatively short list of prior clients. Check with the prior reference contact and ask some questions to get an understanding of their commitment to quality. Consider reading posted online reviews to check feedback from others. Keep in mind that online reviews can sometimes be phony, biased, or otherwise illegitimate. 
  • High-quality employees: Many companies have cleaning duties performed after hours making it important that the workers are honest and trustworthy. Ask the potential company if they perform any form of background checks or other types of pre-employment screening. Does the company invest in the development of its staff with ongoing training programs?  Also, inquire about management oversight and expectations.  
  • Scheduling availability and flexibility: Can the prospective cleaning company accommodate the service schedule that is needed? Different businesses have various schedules including seven-day workweeks or other potential challenges. Another concern involves whether the service provider would have availability for special events or similar duties.

Best In Class Commercial Janitorial Services 

For many years now, the team of experienced professionals at Servi-Tek Facility Solutions has been delivering high-quality results for clients. These include owners and managers in commercial settings such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare, hospitality, mixed-use facilities, and more. 

We are available to provide services for organizations in Irvine, Fullerton, Corona, Brea, and many other surrounding areas. We understand that each commercial workplace is different and develop both customized and comprehensive janitorial solutions.

Servi-Tek’s culture is based on valuing our employees and clients in a collaborative, transparent relationship.  Our service-delivery platform is based upon a robust management team and utilization of our proprietary software, Servi-Trak, which includes Work Orders and self-Inspection modules.  

Our staff is properly trained in many of the latest best practices associated with CDC and EPA rules and guidelines for disinfection.

We look forward to speaking with you regarding this and other available industry-leading solutions.

Servi-Tek Facility Solutions Cleaning Services and Facility Maintenance


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