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Jan 06, 2022 | Blog

5 Ways Professional Nightly Janitorial Services Are Adding Value To Your Business

Nightly professional janitorial services are the core of ensuring your business is clean. Learn about the five great benefits of nightly janitorial services here.

How can you tell if nightly janitorial services are right for you and your needs? 

How can you tell if nightly janitorial services are right for you and your needs?

The cleanliness of your building is one of the foundations that support your company’s reputation. Opting for nighttime professional cleaning services can prove to be a difficult task, without proper knowledge and guidance, as there are many criteria you have to consider.

How can you get ahead of all the cleaning and maintenance challenges? Continue reading to find out.

What are Nightly Janitorial Services and how can they help you?

Nightly janitorial services can ensure that the property is cleaned properly and doesn’t become a breeding ground for germs, viruses, and bacteria. 

These microorganisms can end up spreading illnesses around the entire workplace if left unchecked.

Is it possible to have your facility’s cleaning services performed at night? 

Many business owners prefer this option because the cleaning processes do not disturb the commercial activity, and there are fewer health risks associated.

Why Is Cleaning Important To Your Business? 

Clean offices are crucial for making a good first impression. Clients and stakeholders will run away as soon as they see a filthy facility because the premise reflects your business, your capabilities, and your care for their health and safety.

Another major reason to keep your office clean is to protect your staff and reduce sick days. By employing skilled commercial cleaning services, you can keep pests, rodents, and mites away from your premises. You can also protect your employees from becoming allergic to dirt, dust, and mold.

5 Reasons to Hire a Nightly Janitorial Service Provider

5 Reasons to Hire a Nightly Janitorial Service Provider

1. You’ll Be Happy with The Results

The way your premises look sends a loud message to your customers and clients about who you are and what your business represents. You want the impression to be good or else potential customers may never return. A clean facility conveys the message that you are professional and worthy of your client’s trust. 

It is also easier to stay organized in a business office that is clean and clutter-free. 

Nightly janitors will organize and remove dust and debris from all horizontal surfaces. When you come into work the next morning, you’ll find an office that looks clean and smells fresh. 

2. Your Employees Will Be Happier

Employee health has become more of a priority than ever before. It’s a fact that untidy and cluttered working environments harm performance and overall wellbeing. 

Many firms look to run their operations more safely and responsibly. A competent night-time commercial cleaning service will ensure that pollutants do not remain in the air and that the workplace is free of perfumed cleaning solutions that can cause allergic reactions in many people. 

Clean, fresh air is important if you want to provide a safe, healthy atmosphere for your staff.

3. You’ll Be Healthier

Germs, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens thrive in any environment: from a small office to hallways and larger offices. 

Disinfection services were not in high demand before coronavirus. These days, on the other hand, people are more aware of the threats the surrounding environment has on their safety. 

Many companies that previously handled cleaning as a last-line budget item are now focusing on COVID-19 disinfection services, sanitization, and frequent maintenance, and for good reason.

Your health, overall mood, and energy levels will improve in a well-cared-for environment.

Cleanliness plays a major role in preventing injuries as well. You don’t want boxes, obstacles, and debris to be a constant risk of accidents.

4. You’ll Save Money

It is time-consuming and expensive to complete your cleaning tasks in-house. 

You can save time, money, and boost productivity by having professional cleaning technicians take care of routine cleaning jobs at nighttime.

Having a germ-free, clean, and hygienic workplace works towards reducing the number of sick days by preventing illnesses from spreading around the office. Your employees can better concentrate on daily activities and bring more money into the business with a reduced number of sick days. 

5. You’ll Boost Employee Morale

There is nothing better than a clean office to boost your workers’ morale. Employee satisfaction plays a pivotal role in increasing the quality of the services provided and overall brand image. 

Janitorial services also make the employees feel like they work in a more significant environment, which leads to a better dress code, which raises their self-esteem, and ultimately improves morale.

Types of Cleaning Methods

Types of Cleaning Methods

You can ask the nightly janitor service provider to create a customized cleaning plan as per your individual janitorial needs, but you should first familiarize yourself with the types of cleaning methods.

Cleaning typically involves different methods, such as washing (water with a cleaning and rinsing agent), friction (using an abrasive), suction (using a vacuum cleaner), static electricity (using a static mop), and force (pressurized water) among other things. Cleaning supplies also play an important role in the used method.

These are the most popular cleaning processes:


Mostly nighttime janitors sweep or dry mop to collect dust from floor surfaces. 

There are also floor sweepers which, at their most basic level, are an alternative to sweeping with a broom. Small battery-powered sweepers to industrial sweepers with dust extraction capabilities are available. 

The machine collects dirt from the floor using rotating brushes and dumps it in a bin to be emptied later. For various sorts of dirt, different brush types are available. This is usually recommended for warehouses and any commercial space where there is a larger number of square feet to cover.


Dusting is one of the most important job responsibilities of a nighttime janitor. In regular or daily cleaning, the janitor will ensure all horizontal surfaces are dusted. They will target surfaces using a soft lint-free cloth or a microfiber cloth. 

Experienced commercial cleaning firms will have a color-coded dusting scheme to ensure that clothes between workstations, toilets, and lunch areas are not exchanged. 

Experienced cleaners are also aware that cleaning solutions should never be sprayed directly on the surface since that can cause stickiness or stains. For larger facilities, janitors may use the damp dusting technique. This allows for removing sticky and dirty marks quickly. The surface is cleaned, dusted, and wiped down at the same time. 

You should ask the janitor to avoid damp dusting electronics, such as computers, keyboards, telephones, and elevator buttons daily since that can cause damage to equipment.

Dust Mopping / Dry Mopping/ Mop Sweeping

Floor dust mopping is a preferred way of removing dirt, dust, and grit. Dust can scratch the surface finish and diminish luster if it is not removed from the floor daily. 

From time to time, you’ll also require a deeper cleaning in the form of buffing and polishing. 

Dry mopping or dust mopping is suitable for hardwood, tile, and vinyl flooring. Nighttime is perfect for mop sweeping since no one is around to walk on the floor and cause the dust to spread. 

In addition, dust mopping is generally performed in an 8 shape. Janitors need space to ensure that everything is collected in the mop.

Spot Mopping

Spot mopping is important for the preservation of floor surfaces. Solids and liquids when spilled on the floor can penetrate it and cause stains. 

While this is a job that should be taken care of immediately, night janitors can ensure the spills are cleaned and buffed away properly. They can also mop the floor using a damp cloth. 

Wet Mopping / Damp Mopping

Damp mops are used for removing spills and any adhered dirt or soil that could not be removed during the dry mopping or vacuuming. Wet mopping is useful for removing light and heavy soil from the floor surface. 

This can otherwise penetrate the surface and become embedded in the seal or finish. It is important that the night janitor dry mops the floor before using a wet mop. Otherwise, the soil will only stick to the mop and the floor, and it would dull the finish of your flooring. 

Wet mopping is generally performed using a cleaning solution or detergent. The cleaning company should make use of only EPA-certified solutions, all while following the CDC’s guidelines. 

You can also opt for green cleaning solutions. This can help you remove your carbon footprint and use products friendly to human health and the environment.


Most modern surfaces don’t require scrubbing daily. However, your cleaners may need to perform spot scrubbing to take care of any spills or problem areas. 

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning refers to removing stains from different surfaces, both horizontal and vertical. This can be from soft, porous, and hard surfaces. 

The entire surface doesn’t need to be treated with stain-removal reagents for removing localized stains. 

This is required only in the areas where the stain discolors the surface. Spot cleaning can be used on upholstery, fabric, carpets, flooring, and walls among other areas.


Most facilities require daily vacuuming, especially if they witness high traffic, and nighttime is the perfect moment to perform such a task. 

Your employees and visitors won’t be disturbed by the sound of the cleaner, and the nighty janitor will also be able to perform a more thorough job.

Janitor Can Disinfect Surfaces Regularly

It is important to understand that cleaning and disinfecting are separate processes. Cleaning only takes care of the germs, dirt, and impurities from the surface. This may sound like enough, but it is not. 

You need to effectively kill the germs to create a safe and hygienic working environment. This is where disinfection comes in useful. 

Disinfection doesn’t clean surfaces but is effective in killing germs. You should know that disinfection cannot be performed without adequate cleaning beforehand. 

Nightly janitors can ensure that the facility is cleaned and use an electrostatic spray to coat all surfaces in a fine mist of approved disinfectant. This can play a major role in preventing or reducing the spread of infections. 

Always Use A Licensed Company

Nightly janitors work under minimum or no supervision at all. They perform their jobs when everyone else has left for the day. 

The janitorial company should also have liability insurance for covering any potential issues that may arise while the cleaning crew is in your facility. Standard cleaning companies are required to carry insurance against injury and liability. This insurance doesn’t just protect the worker, but also you from potential lawsuits. 

Cleaning is a dangerous job that involves working with machinery and hazardous chemicals. Always ask for proof of insurance from prospective companies. You can ask to see their workers’ compensation and general insurance paperwork as well. 

It is best to work with a commercial cleaning company that hires regular employees instead of the ones that work on a cash basis. 

Nightly janitors that come to work on your premises should be vetted after extensive background checks. They should have been in the company’s employment for some time.

Maintaining A Clean Office

Having a clean office is vital to the overall health and wellness of workers. It is important for keeping your space hygienic and free from health-threatening viruses. 

Maintaining a clean office is an ongoing task. This is especially true if you have a large space, as you need a larger cleaning crew to properly attend to all surfaces and even the most remote corners. It takes more than wiping a desk down with a rag to maintain hygienic workplaces. 

While it is important for having everyone in the company committed to keeping a clean working environment, you can reduce the pressure and stress on your workers by hiring a janitorial service. 

These are a few ways janitors can ensure a clean working environment:

Keeping Desks Organized

This is key to improving the overall appearance of a workplace. Tidy and uncluttered desks add to the overall aesthetics of a company. It also boosts the morale of the employees. 

Professional janitors are experienced enough not to lose paperwork while cleaning desks and address all surfaces, from the mouse to keyboards and monitors.

Cleaning Common Areas

Common areas are the ones that are shared by all employees. Pantry or kitchenette and restrooms are prone to becoming dirty and unhygienic by the end of the day. Skilled and responsible janitors perform their jobs with dedication. 

They will make sure that all countertops, sinks, and mirrors are clean. They will also restock soap, hand towels, sanitizer, and other supplies. Your employees will experience a higher level of happiness when they see significantly cleaner spaces.

Cleaning Technology

Light switches, elevator buttons, door handles, and faucets are a few of the frequently touched surfaces during the day. 

A professional night janitor will clean and disinfect all these surfaces using the latest technologies available – a great example is an electrostatic disinfection sprayer, which helps in preventing the spread of germs, such as coronavirus to a major extent. 

Cleaning the Floor

There is nothing more important than cleaning the floor when it comes to maintaining an aesthetic appearance. 

Day janitors may take care of spot cleaning and spills. However, they might not be able to perform deep cleaning. This job falls on the night janitor. 

A clean workspace is impossible if the floors are not vacuumed and mopped. 

Garbage and Recycling

Night janitors can empty all receptacles and ensure that dustbins are lined properly for the next day, following the recycling guidelines. Trash removal is a major component of the job duties of night janitors. 

How Often Should You Clean?

How Often Should You Clean?

The importance of a clean commercial business space cannot be overlooked in every aspect of the workplace. You can reduce the number of bacteria and germs present by cleaning the office regularly. 

You can ensure higher employee productivity by reducing the number of sick days. Tidy offices are clear of obstacles and distractions as well that may make work cumbersome. 

COVID-19 has changed the world in a lot of ways, including the way people conduct business and work. 

It’s vital to perform deep cleaning at least once every six months whether or not you have any reported cases of illnesses in the office. Commitment to thorough, regular, and deep cleaning, besides the basic cleaning service is a concrete step for protecting guests, visitors, customers, and office workers. 

Most business owners are confused about how often they should clean their commercial space. 

Is it enough to have the janitor come in thrice a week or should you have someone come in daily? 

This depends on the size of your workforce, the size, the type of facility, and the kind of industry you are in. It also depends on how committed you are to the health and safety of your workers. 

Experts recommend having the office cleaned and disinfected at least once every day if it experiences high traffic. 

There are two types of office cleaning – regular and deep cleaning. Here’s what you should know about them:

Regular Office Cleaning

Regular office cleaning refers to ongoing basis cleaning jobs that are performed on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. This can include tasks such as using a microfiber cloth to wipe tables, clear the desk of garbage, dust surfaces, and vacuum areas. These cleaning tasks are aimed at making the environment tidy and more appealing. 

Smaller tasks, such as wiping horizontal surfaces, cleaning light switches, appliances, and doorknobs should be performed daily. 

Deeper Office Cleaning

Deep cleaning refers to intensive measures that are performed less regularly. These involve specialized cleaning solutions and equipment. 

Floor cleaning, tile cleaning, grout removal, sanitizing all surfaces, changing air filters, cleaning upholstery, and carpet cleaning and shampooing among other things form part of deep cleaning. Hard-to-reach areas, cracks, and corners are paid special attention to during the deep cleaning process. 

The Cleaning Authority: Our Cleaners Are Top-Trained Professionals

The importance of investing in night janitors cannot be stressed enough. 

At Servi-Tek, our team understands the importance of creating a positive first impression on your clients and supporting the health of your workers. 

Our cleaning crew takes pride in their work and performs all tasks with utmost satisfaction. We strive to contribute to a healthier working environment for your workers and your guests by providing high-quality cleaning services. 

Schedule a consultation with Servi-Tek today by contacting us!

We can schedule a site visit, provide a free cost estimate and answer all of your questions.

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