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Nov 16, 2021 | Blog

Getting The Best Commercial Cleaning Contracts As A Property Manager and Owner Free Guide

This guide walks you through how to get the best commercial cleaning contracts as a property manager and owner. With this free guide, you will learn how to grab the type of contracts that will bring you more revenue and low-cost support for your properties.

Getting the Best Commercial Cleaning Service Contract

Getting the Best Commercial Cleaning Service Contract

Property and facility managers and business owners should strive towards executing a “strong” cleaning contract to enhance vendor performance and value creation. Nobody likes to work or visit a commercial building or facility that is dirty. 

It is critically important to retain the services of a qualified cleaning business. This can be done by obtaining proposals and entering into a commercial cleaning service contract.

However, you cannot hire the first facility services company that comes your way. Whether you are the owner of an office complex or a retail outlet, you need to hire the right cleaning and janitorial services. This guide will help you through the nitty-gritties and provide key insights.

Part 1: The Commercial Cleaning Industry Overview

Cleaning is a necessity in every retail project, office, medical facility, and educational facility among other commercial types. Americans on average spend more than six hours a week cleaning out their homes. You cannot expect them to do the same when they come into work. It is important to have a clean working or shopping environment as per studies. Untidy, cluttered, or messy spaces can affect the mental health of individuals and their ability to be productive.

There are several aspects of the cleaning industry you should become familiar with before seeking a commercial cleaning business.

The Players

The Players

Cleanliness is something that will never go out of style. It has become more important than ever in today’s Covid-era. There are several types of cleaning services contractors. You need to find one that works best for you. Identifying your needs before seeking a janitorial company will ensure that you don’t get disappointed.

These are a few common types of commercial cleaning businesses:

National Firms

There are several large corporations with operations throughout the U.S.  Each market typically represents a branch office.  These operations often handle large assignments, such as cleaning of stadiums or transit centers

Mid-Sized Firms 

Such janitorial operations are generally well-established in select markets or regional firms providing services in a geographic portion of the U.S.  They often perform full services, including specialized services. 

Small Local Firms

These cleaning businesses are often operated by families and are sometimes part of janitorial franchise operations.  These firms often handle smaller jobs, such as cleaning restaurants or individual offices.  

The Properties

Cleaning and sanitizing a premises involves a lot of work. You need a professional cleaning service to successfully handle commercial properties, along with the challenges, nuances, and demands. The janitorial company should have the necessary resources, materials, and staff to tackle the job. 

These are a few common commercial properties or facilities:

  • Corporate office
  • Retail projects
  • Hospitals
  • Medical offices
  • Retirement homes
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Multi-deck parking lots
  • Hotels 
  • Non-profits
  • Educational institutions
  • Government centers

The Services

The Services

Cleaning services provided by different janitorial companies will vary according to your budget, expertise, and specific needs. There is a wide range of cleaning services offered by contractors. 

These are a few common cleaning services offered by most janitorial companies. You should always enter into a contract after having detailed discussions about the kind of services you require. 

Regular Commercial Cleaning Tasks

These are a few responsibilities of a commercial cleaner as part of regular cleaning:

  • Cleaning toilets, sinks, and urinals
  • Restocking restroom paper supplies and soap
  • Sweeping and mopping hard floors
  • Garbage removal and replacement of trash liners
  • Furniture dusting
  • Vacuuming and cleaning the carpets

Periodic Commercial Cleaning Tasks

These are a few services typically provided periodically (i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly):

  • Dusting vents and light fixtures
  • Cleaning blinds, tracks, window sills, drapes, etc.
  • Dusting walls, baseboards, and doors 
  • Cleaning kitchen cabinets, appliances, and refrigerators among others
  • Window cleaning 
  • Pressure washing 
  • Carpet extraction 
  • Strip and wax hard floors
  • High Ceiling Dusting (in the case of a warehouse)

The Cost

The Cost

Price is not always a good indicator of the kind of quality you will receive from the cleaning contractor. There is no average cost for commercial cleaning services since the overall pricing structure depends on several wide-ranging factors. 

For instance, the type of services, frequency of cleaning, and the size of the facility among other things are a few factors that can drive the price up or down.  As labor costs comprise the largest expense for a cleaning business, high-end projects with upscale finishes will have an increased demand for skilled labor versus maintaining a parking structure.     

The most common pricing method is a fixed monthly cost, which includes all labor and cleaning equipment and supplies, with the landlord paying for restroom supplies. You should enter the cost terms in your contract to avoid and remove any ambiguity. 

The price quoted by a commercial cleaning contractor will depend on some things. You should always make sure that you do a quick research before taking any undue risks. 

Part 2:  Narrowing the Field 

The due diligence process of identifying a qualified cleaning business to be your janitorial partner is a multi-step endeavor. Each is critical to finding the right match and ultimately commencing on-site operations.

The following provides key parameters for consideration:

Set Your Goals and Budget

Set Your Goals and Budget

Cheap is exactly what you get when you hire an inexpensive commercial cleaning company. They may sacrifice the quality by using substandard cleaning equipment and solutions as a marketing strategy. This could cost you in the long run. They may also not have adequate insurance. 

Inexperienced cleaning companies often charge less because they don’t fully account for all required expenses to perform the job in a quality manner. 

Solidify your key cleaning services goals and budget.  They may range from improved customer service to enhanced management oversight to the need for less staff turnover.  Hone-in on janitorial vendors which can fit the bill.   

Obtain Cleaning Services Recommendations

Obtain Cleaning Services Recommendations

You should ask other colleagues in your industry and local market about their cleaning contractor and contract. 

You can find references on social media as well, such as Facebook. If searching online look for websites that don’t employ search engine optimization techniques to feature on the first page. Reviewing cleaning firms’ websites and blog pages can reveal how they operate.  

As it is critical to find a commercial cleaning company that will be responsive, this should be one of your focus points.  

You should speak with at least three cleaning companies before zeroing in on one. Always remember that cheapest is not always the best.

Meet Prospective Cleaning Services

Meet Prospective Cleaning Services

This is the last step to entering into a contract with a cleaning company. You need to close the sale with a firm with who you have a comfort level and a handshake. 

Reputation and Experience

Trust is a necessary aspect of working with a cleaning business, as you will need to be able to trust the company completely. This will only come by hiring a contractor that is reputable and experienced. 

Employee Training and Screening

Hiring is viewed as a critical responsibility of any qualified cleaning service. As only qualified employees should be hired, inquire on background screening protocols. The company should also be providing the staff with formal and consistent training. 

Full-Service Capability

Another important factor to consider is whether the janitorial company can offer all cleaning solutions. You can reduce the number of vendors that need managing by hiring a business cleaning company that offers full-service capability.  This will also come in handy during emergencies where, say, carpet extraction is needed after a flood. 

Fully Compliant and Insured

Never hire a commercial cleaning contractor that isn’t fully certified and doesn’t have full insurance coverage in place. You should always ask for a COI (Certificate of Insurance) outlining their coverages and policy limits.

Part 3:  Getting A Commercial Contract

Commercial cleaning contracts are legally binding agreements between a property owner or manager and a cleaning business. It needs to contain all terms of services that are expected to be provided by either party. The agreement strictly denotes payment, tasks, and time details. 

Ensure the Basics are Specified

Ensure the Basics are Specified

There are three main aspects to any commercial proposal – the job required, payment schedule, and job site location.  

This is what a typical commercial cleaning agreement generally includes:

  • Legal names of entities involved
  • Term of agreement 
  • Performance default and remedies
  • Providing party for equipment and supplies
  • The amount for services and payment requirements

Special care needs to be taken while drafting a commercial cleaning contract since it technically protects both parties. There are several key benefits to a commercial cleaning contract, such as:

  • Managing expectations
  • Standardization of services
  • Creating binding relationships
  • Defining client obligations

Make sure you read the entire agreement, including all terms and conditions, before signing it. It is recommended your legal counsel review any issues of concern.  

Scope of Work

A contract is only as good as the terms of services contained therein. You should ensure that your contract incorporates a detailed cleaning scope of work, including task frequencies, that successfully outlines all the services that need to be delivered by the company you hire. 

For example, rather than saying “clean restroom floors”, it’s imperative more detail is provided, such as “Mop restroom floors twice daily utilizing germicidal cleaner approved by Manager”.

Know When To Terminate

You can easily switch your cleaning company if you are coming to the end of it. However, it can be tough to terminate when you are in the middle of a contract. However, this shouldn’t keep you from terminating a cleaning contract if the services are not up to mark. 

Ensure your termination clause provides for mid-term termination if your cleaning services are deficient and your contractor has not remedied concerns. 

Working With An Experienced Cleaning Company

Servi-Tek Facility Solutions is an experienced full-service commercial janitorial provider with a best-in-class service delivery platform.

We take pride in our relentless drive for customer service and continuous utilization of cutting-edge technologies. You cannot find a more all-inclusive and innovative cleaning service when it’s all said and done. 

Please contact us today to see how we can partner by calling 866-454-6185 or using our online contact form.

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