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Jan 11, 2022 | Blog

The Effective Daytime Facility Cleaning Service From Servi-Tek That Saves Time

You can save a lot of money and time by investing in a daytime commercial cleaning company. However, it is important to understand that not all professional cleaners are the same. You must find the right professional cleaner that meets your highest standards.

How can you find the best Daytime Facility Cleaning Services in your area? We’ll answer all your questions, so stay tuned and keep on reading.

Servi Tek Facility Cleaning Services

Servi Tek Facility Cleaning Services

Did you know there are over 800 bacteria per square inch on the average desk? This is almost 14 times what’s present on a toilet seat. 

Office phones have 1,600 germs per square inch and the average elevator button that is pushed multiple times a day has 600 bacteria per square inch. 

These surfaces are being touched by your employees multiple times a day. However, germs are not your only concern. Clutter can make people stressed and slow down work. 

You could be losing profits in terms of sick days and employee productivity with poor cleaning habits. An unclean environment can also damage your tools and equipment. 

This is why you need the help of a professional daytime cleaning company. Because they know how to handle every situation, keep your premise in top shape, and address any need you have, all while keeping your stakeholders happy and healthy.

Servi-Tek is a commercial cleaning and facility maintenance company that is dedicated to keeping communities and individuals safe. 

Our services offered include the cleaning, disinfection, and protection that your business needs. We at Servi-Tek provide customized cleaning options that are backed by a professional and trained cleaning team. 

We understand the need for providing a clean and healthy environment for all customers and employees. A wide variety of customizable cleaning options are offered for accomplishing this, such as daytime cleaning, nightly janitorial services, disinfection, and sanitization services among others. 

The company has consistently gone above and beyond the cleaning expectations of clients since 2006. Present customers have come to depend on the high-quality, professional, and pleasant cleaning services provided. 

Our professionals will tour your office, familiarize themselves with the facility and decide on a frequency and time that best accommodates your budget and needs.  

Hiring Specialized Cleaning Services

Hiring Specialized Cleaning Services

Daytime facility cleaning companies will work on your property when your employees, guests, clients, and other visitors are present. It is important to hire a specialized and professional cleaning service that has a presentable and experienced cleaning crew. They should also be highly trustworthy and reputable for performing all required tasks. 

These are a few tips to keep in mind when hiring a professional daytime cleaning service:

Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company That Is Committed To Providing Quality Service

While hiring a commercial cleaning service, you should prioritize commitment to quality. Quality is possible only when the company hires the right staff after extensive background checks and invests time in training them. 

The company you hire should be able to tell you about their formal training process and quality evaluations. The workers should also be trained in safety as per OSHA guidelines. 

Certain industries are required to comply with specific regulations and adhere to strict cleaning guidelines. You should be sure to ask the service provider about these compliances if they apply to you. It is vital that the company you choose is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. 

Choose A Company with Experience

There are several choices to make when you want to hire a commercial cleaning service. 

One of the biggest benefits of working with a professional office cleaning service is that they help in eliminating the stress and hassle of handling the jobs on your own. As a business owner or a property manager, you probably have your hands full. 

However, the cleaning crew will only add to your troubles if you hire an inexperienced or amateur cleaning company.

You can start by asking if they are planning on following a sustainable approach to your facility that can be environmentally friendly. 

Experienced companies are aware of EPA-certified cleaning methods and techniques. 

They know exactly the amount of cleaning solution to use to tackle tough stains. They also keep away from potentially harmful chemicals to protect the employees and furnishings. Experienced companies have been around for a long time and can be trusted to tackle all daytime cleaning tasks with ease. The company should also take proactive steps for improving the indoor air quality in your premises.

Choose A Company That Guarantees Work

Guarantees are always good. They help in instilling trust and confidence. There is no better way for a company to showcase its experience and skills than by guaranteeing its work. 

But you can’t entrust a company with your entire premise by just listening to their promises. 

By asking them the following questions, you can determine the level of trust you should have, and if they stand by the guarantees offered:

  • Are they well-known? – Choose a provider that has a solid reputation in your area.
  • Do they have a lot of accounts? If they operate with a range of firms, they must maintain a high quality of service to stay in business.
  • Do you have any references? Any professional cleaning business will gladly supply you with a list of references upon request.

Scope of Cleaning

Many firms are unaware of the cleaning service they can expect from a janitorial service provider. Every facility requires a unique cleaning approach. 

However, there are certain tasks that all daytime janitorial service providers need to perform regardless of the size of the business environment or office. 

You can find below the basic tasks for the daytime facility cleaning service.

Office Areas and Conference Rooms

These are a few duties performed by a day porter or janitor in conference rooms and office areas:

  • Emptying trash bins.
  • Vacuuming carpeted traffic lanes.
  • Dusting and spot cleaning fixtures, furniture, and equipment.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting light switches, walls, and doorknobs.
  • Dusting low areas, such as clocks, pictures, and partition tops.
  • Dusting blinds and window sills.

Kitchen and Break room

Daytime janitors usually perform the following services in kitchen and break rooms:

  • Sweeping and mopping floors.
  • Emptying trash cans and replacing liners if necessary.
  • Spot cleaning light switches, walls, and doors.

Lobby and Entrance Area

Duties performed by daytime cleaners in the lobby and entrance area include:

  • Dry mopping as and when necessary.
  • Vacuuming walk-off mats.
  • Cleaning glass doors on both sides.
  • Spot cleaning carpeted areas.
  • Dusting low areas.
  • Mopping spills and stains.
  • Emptying trash cans and replacing liners.

Hallway Areas

The activities of a daytime janitor in hallways include:

  • Dusting low areas including pictures, carpets, and clocks among other articles.
  • Vacuuming traffic lanes.

Additional Services

These are a few services that the majority of facilities request:

  • Carpet shampooing at regular times.
  • Cleaning the refrigerator on the inside at least once a month.
  • Strip & wax VCT Floors.

The Servi Tek Difference

The Servi Tek Difference

You know the difficulty faced if you have ever attempted to clean a commercial workplace on your own. The process is demanding and the results may not always match your expectations. This is why at Servi-Tek, our cleaning team is trained specifically for providing exemplary cleaning services. Despite your best efforts, your in-house cleaning service may not have the professional touch. 

These are a few ways in which we at Servi-Tek set ourselves apart from others:

Use of Specialized Tools and Equipment

Servi-Tek is a leading professional provider and aware of all major developments and innovations in the cleaning industry. We have invested in finding the absolute best cleaning equipment and materials available in the market. 

There is a wide range of tools and supplies that are useful for cleaning. We know when and where to use the tools for delivering high-quality and impeccable cleaning. 

Trained and Skilled Staff

We have a pool of highly skilled and trained workforce. All employees have attended several hours of training for cleaning commercial environments. They can deliver the cleaning results you require efficiently. The staff at Servi-Tek has undergone dedicated background checks so that you are confident in having them on your premises. 

Go Green

The cleaning industry has made great strides in terms of environmental care. We are dedicated to ensuring that all products are environmentally friendly and safe for your employees. Indoor air quality can be severely compromised by using harsh chemicals. We use EPA-certified cleaning solutions for protecting the health of everyone in your facility. 

Customized Plans Tailored to Your Needs

We are eager to ensure complete client satisfaction. This is why your requirements and needs will be heard closely and patiently. The team will work alongside you for devising a plan that suits your business. 

It is important to choose a daytime cleaning service that is ready to work outside of business hours for tackling emergencies. Our cleaning professionals at Servi-Tek can be mobilized quickly if additional work is required. The team is adaptable and can change to suit your business schedule and needs. 

Delivering Exceptional Results

The physical transformation of your facility is the most noticeable benefit. You will be amazed at the difference achieved through professional cleaning. 

Your foyer will gleam, the floors will look clean, all workstations will be tidy, and there won’t be a spot on any glass doors, partitions, doorknobs, or light switches among other areas. The janitors will also ensure there is no wet flooring. 

These are just a few ways we at Servi-Tek help improve your brand image. The cleaning crew is known for delivering beyond ordinary results with trained staff, quick response times, and superior work. 

Full-Service Facility Maintenance

It is beneficial when you work with a full-service facility maintenance firm. 

Besides routine janitorial services, such as vacuuming, trash removal, and dusting, the team can provide other essential services as well. 

This includes fixing minor plumbing issues, taking care of electrical problems, supply management, and other general handyman maintenance. 

Electrostatic Disinfection

Electrostatic disinfecting services involve the use of an electrostatic sprayer for spraying electrostatic-charged mist on all objects and surfaces in a facility. The mist is made from EPA registered disinfectant and is useful in coating all surfaces and objects for superior disinfection. 

The spray contains positively charged disinfectant particles that aggressively adhere to all surfaces. The particles are capable of clinging to light fixtures and walls among other surfaces. 

Promoting Wellbeing Through Workplace Satisfaction 

It is imperative to keep your staff safe, especially in the present post-COVID environment. You need to ensure that your business meets government guidelines. You should consider working with an experienced company since you are trusting them with your business, facility, and employees. 

Daytime janitors are also privy to potentially sensitive information. They should be able to clean the facility as per your industry requirements. 

Clean spaces make building occupants feel happier and better. Your employees don’t want to see trash, clutter, and dirt when they look around. 

They want to see a bright, clean, and appealing environment that puts them in a better and more productive mood. Clutter is known to increase stress. It also creates a negative atmosphere in the workplace. 

When your employees have high morale, they are likely to be more productive. Better morale equates to a business that is run more efficiently. 

There will also be fewer sick days. Clean offices make for better first impressions which inadvertently helps in bumping the profit line. Your clients and customers will know that you care about your business and are worthy of their patronage when they see a clean and germ-free environment.

Enjoy a Clean Office – Call the Professionals

Do you want to keep a clean office by hiring a daytime janitorial contractor? 

Are you tired of constantly sorting through the clutter? 

Do you want your employees to become more productive? 

You can improve the working quality of your office by hiring professional commercial janitorial service providers, such as Servi-Tek. 

You don’t need to spend hours managing an in-house cleaning crew to enjoy the morale, productivity, and health benefits of a clean workspace. 

Get in touch with us today by calling or using our online form.

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