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Nov 25, 2021 | Blog

Why Choosing The Best Janitorial Services In 2021 Is More Challenging?

The benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company are immense. From doing maintenance work to deep cleaning, janitorial services can perform it all. Nonetheless, finding the best janitorial services in 2021 may be tricky. Here’s why.

A thorough and effective cleaning of your workplace is an overwhelming task. Today’s times are even more challenging due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

As a client, now you must lookout for more than standard cleaning. 

To safeguard your staff, consumers, and overall business activity and image from the devastating impact of coronavirus, you need to look for specific services and cleaning companies capable to perform.

This guide will talk about why you need janitorial services, tips for choosing one, and things to watch out for. 

Why Do You Need Janitorial Services?

Keeping the premises clean is extremely important to the success of a business. This holds for schools, retail stores, shopping centers, and other forms of commercial property.

To achieve your goals, you must hire a reliable cleaning company, Here’s why:

1. Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus

According to the CDC and WHO, coronavirus can quickly spread from one person to the next through direct transmission as well as surface contact. 

SARS-CoV-2 is one of the most resilient viruses to confront mankind. It can stay active on various surfaces for days. Cross-contamination has become a clear and present danger, especially in restrooms.

A single contaminated doorknob in a high-traffic area can infect a third of the facility in a matter of hours. 

This is troublesome news in present times when the government is pushing for reopening businesses and other premises. 

Hiring experienced commercial janitorial cleaning services can help you reduce the risk of coronavirus spread in your building. 

2. Cost-Effective Option

You may expect your visitors, employees, or other people in the building to clean up after them or sanitize and disinfect their space. 

The truth, on the other hand, can be completely different. Employees are not trained, janitorial experts, and by asking them to manage the cleaning process, you’ll be losing out on productive hours.  

They probably won’t do a good enough job or may take more time than needed to keep their workstations clean. 

This is time they could be spending on other profit-making activities. You can’t expect your staff to vacuum or mop the floors.

Janitors are a much more cost-effective and highly safer option in the long run. They are backed by years of experience and will manage the area way better than your staff ever could. 

3. Boost Employee Productivity

Workers spend a lot of time in the workplace. You can boost their morale and productivity by investing in a sound commercial cleaning service. 

You can help them feel happier and safer in a clean, tidy and organized environment. Employees tend to enjoy coming to work when they are not stressed about clutter, dust, or the threat of illness in the place of work. This goes a long way in boosting productivity. 

Especially if your staff has returned to the office, you are the one responsible for guaranteeing the safety of everyone present.

4. Reduces Liability 

You are increasing the risk of accidents in the facility if you are asking your workers to perform basic cleaning tasks, such as dusting their workstations or clearing out their trash cans.

Janitorial services are equipped with the right tools and cleaning chemicals to ensure there are no accidents. They are also trained to take care of cleaning tasks most effectively. 

5. Remove All Germs

One of the most important reasons for considering a capable commercial cleaning company is to ensure health and safety on the premises. 

Do you know the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting?

Your janitorial service provider knows. They know what high-touch surfaces to clean, with what chemicals, and how frequently. An in-house cleaning crew may not have adequate knowledge to take care of these tasks. 

Dedicated commercial cleaning companies have updated themselves according to recent Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. 

This helps curb the spread of germs within a premise. Professional cleaning companies are  EPA-certified in using cleaning and disinfecting solutions that are better at removing germs. 

6. Creating a Positive Impression

When patients, customers, students, clients, and other visitors see the quality and the level of dedication invested in maintaining a place, it creates a positive and lasting impression. 

Your cleaning service provider will take into account your individual needs and goals to come up with the best commercial cleaning plan for you. 

The janitors you hire will ensure that everyone stepping through the doors is healthy and that everyone who leaves is safe and happy.

How Do You Know the Company is Right for Your Business?

The benefits of hiring a professional cleaner depend on the costs and quality of work provided. Office cleanliness is shown to contribute to worker productivity

A maintained office environment can help in achieving and keeping the maximum level of employee productivity and satisfaction.

However, it can be overwhelming to find the right cleaning company for your particular business. There are hundreds of cleaning contractors to choose from and retaining the services of the best one may become confusing. 

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Understanding Your Demands

You know you found the right cleaning company if they understand all your demands and requirements. The relationship between a facility manager and a cleaner is a deeply personal one. 

Your janitors should know what your building needs at the ground level. They should be aware of high-touch surfaces and high-traffic areas. 

They must also know the areas that require frequent cleaning during the day. This is particularly important in present COVID times since the virus is known to stay active on surfaces for a long time. 

You know the commercial janitorial service provider is right for your business if they can anticipate your needs before you even have to ask.

2. Building A Relationship

The company you choose should be interested in building a long-term and healthy working relationship. 

They should not be fly-by-the-night contractors that tend to skip from one facility to the next in a matter of weeks or months. 

The first thing you should look for in a commercial cleaning company is permanency. Do you think you can work with them for a long time and do they deserve your trust?

If the answer to the above question is a yes, then you have probably found the right cleaning company. You should stay away from services that don’t come with references or testimonials from past clients.

3. Bonded, Certified and Insured

You know you have a reputable cleaning provider if they are certified, insured, and bonded. 

The first thing you should look for in any cleaning service is whether their paperwork is complete or not. 

Certifications and licensing ensure that the company is what they claim to be and not run-of-the-mill amateurs. Experts have, besides the basic paperwork, additional certifications in various cleaning methods, systems, and tech equipment.

4. Staff Retention and Training

Good companies ensure their cleaning crew is trained properly. They offer all the right benefits and perks to improve staff retention rates. 

You need to understand that janitorial cleaners have the keys to all important areas in a facility. When you combine this with the fact that most custodians work when everyone else has left for the day, you can appreciate the importance of thorough background checks. 

Tips on How to Choose the Right Cleaning Company

The market is flooded with amateurs claiming to be top cleaning companies. You need to know the right mechanisms to sift through the newbies and get to the professionals. 

These are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Verifying Credentials

Office cleaning is a challenging task. Wet floors and other hazards can quickly result in accidents. The cleaning contractors need to have all the necessary paperwork, including insurance. 

You should check the company has the liability of accidents covered when hiring them. Janitorial work is risky from certain aspects. You need to make sure the cleaning crew is covered to mitigate your risks of liability. 

2. Get Recommendations and References

When it comes to cleaning crews, you need to find a company that has extensive experience in working for your particular industry. 

Most facility managers and business owners ignore the importance of recommendations. You should know that by contacting references you can come across the best janitorial service provider. 

Don’t forget to read online reviews and testimonials.

References tend to provide a lot of information about the validity and performance of a cleaning contractor. You can always ask your friends and family along with other businesses in your particular area for recommendations. 

3. Business Experience

It is not enough to focus all your efforts on one cleaning company. While shortlisting, you need to ensure that you get a free quote from at least three different contractors. 

You should also do a background check on their experience. This is in particular to your industry, whether you run a school, shopping mall, or a business complex. 

The janitorial service provider should know the demands of your particular industrial setting. A company needs to be in business for several years to gain the experience needed for providing excellent services. 

Furthermore, a cleaning contractor that has been in business for a long time is more likely to be providing excellent services as compared to someone that has not. 

When it comes to commercial cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing, the gold standard is to go with the most experienced company. 

4. Comparing Janitorial Services

Once you have shortlisted enough potential candidates for your requirements, you need to start comparing. There are several factors you can consider when pondering over your options.

You should never go with a company quoting the lowest price. 

Also, never shortlist a contractor that offers you a quote without really visiting your premises. These companies are just setting you up for a price shock or substandard services. 

Ask the cleaners about the different types of services offered when they come to visit. You should also ask about the type of cleaning solutions they use. 

It is best to work with a janitorial company that uses green and sustainable cleaning practices to reduce your business’ carbon footprint. Green cleaning options are also better for a healthy environment, and your employees will have fewer allergen-related healthcare issues.

5. Flexibility of Timing and Services

Janitors are in charge of a lot of services. Make sure the cleaners offer the kind of flexibility you are looking for. For instance, they should offer basic services, such as vacuuming, carpet cleaning, sanitizing, and mopping among other things. 

They should also take care of waste bins and other responsibilities as you may require. 

The cleaning crew must be willing to work as per your schedule and not the other way around. 

6. Spelling Out and Setting Expectations

Most commercial cleaning companies ask businesses to sign a contract before they commence cleaning. You need to understand all clauses mentioned in the proposed contract before hiring them. 

You should not shy away from spelling out your expectations. For instance, if you need a bi-weekly cleaning of carpets or if you want the cleaners to wash windows, you should let them know. 

Certain businesses, for example, want a frequent rub down of surfaces and countertops during the day to reduce the risk of coronavirus. 

Ensure that all additional specific cleaning tasks are mentioned in the cleaning contract to reduce the likelihood of a dispute later on. 

Your expectations can be net only if you voice them out.

Commercial Cleaning Requires Expertise

It is no secret that cleaning requires a great deal of finesse and knowledge. Professional cleaning can only be performed when the crew has the needed expertise. They should be properly trained in using the right amount of cleaning solution. 

These are a few ways in which expertise comes in useful:

1.  There Are So Many Services to Choose From

The cleaning company should be considerate in terms of your particular facility needs. 

There are several services that a janitorial service will provide. The company should know your needs and demands from the start, and should also aid you in selecting the best options for your needs, budget, and other requirements. 

2. Flexible Hours of Business Should be on Offer

You need flexibility from the service provider. You may not want your employees or guests to be distracted by vacuuming during office hours. Rather, you may prefer the janitors to come in later at night. Don’t hesitate in asking the following questions:

  • Is the company willing to work around your specific hours?
  • Is there any unserviceable period in their schedule?
  • Will the company handle emergency problems or requests that arise unexpectedly?

3. The Industry Is Competitive

The commercial cleaning industry is highly competitive with contractors offering a wide array of services. 

Unfortunately, many businesses get cornered into opting for services they don’t need and leave out others that are necessary. Since the environment of your company is unique, you need a cleaning service that is equipped to handle both basic and complex procedures. 

A good provider will offer customized cleaning plans, created to address all your unique needs. You should ask the potential cleaning contractor the following questions to determine whether they are a good match for your company or not:

4. Without Experience, Understanding Health and Safety Issues Can Be Difficult

A company with the right amount of experience is vital. However, a contractor that has the necessary expertise backed up by ongoing employee training and commitment to quality is essential. 

Meticulous and consistent training allows the cleaning crew to receive updates on safety protocols and cleaning techniques, such as employing the right floor care method or how to use microfiber cleaning cloths. 

You should consider asking the following questions when interviewing a cleaning company:

  • How often are your employees provided with ongoing training?
  • Who manages and does the employee training?
  • Has the business been in operation for long?

5. Effective in Cutting Costs

When you work with a professional cleaning company, you know that they will do everything to make your life easier. These companies may not offer the cheapest option, but they will follow strict industry and safety standards. 

The cleaning solutions, equipment, and methods used will help in reducing costs in the long term. 

Hiring The Wrong Company Can Prove to be Costly

It can cost you a lot in terms of time and money if you hire the wrong company. 

These are a few ways how the wrong janitorial service provider can cost you:

1. Lack of Incentives for Success and Growth in Business

Employee productivity is directly related to the work environment. Dirty, disorganized, or unhealthy workstations will prove to be lacking in terms of incentive for your workers to contribute to the success and growth of your business. 

2. Can Be Pricey and Thus Difficult to Budget

When you don’t have a qualified janitor taking care of your cleaning needs, you’d have to spend money on an in-house cleaning crew. 

This will eventually add to the budget line in the long term, which can make budgeting difficult, and the results will not live up to the expectations.

3. Increased Absenteeism Rate

In 2021, the most dangerous outcome of not hiring an adequate cleaning service provider is the spread of germs and pathogens. 

An unclean environment increases the likelihood of cross-contamination. You should invest in a capable cleaning company if you notice a spike in employees taking sick days and an entire building sanitization process. Ask your provider for more details on how to manage such a situation.

4. Lack of Accountability by The Cleaning Company

It is important to find a cleaning company that is committed to building lasting and positive relationships with its clients. 

Commercial cleaning companies must provide courteous and personalized services. Not having a qualified cleaning contractor can lead to a lack of accountability. 

You need a proper communication system in place, and you can only do it with a trustable partner.

5. Difficulty In Convincing Companies To Conform To Your Schedule

One of the biggest drawbacks to hiring the wrong company is that they may not offer flexible working hours. 

They may not conform to your timings. For instance, you might want the cleaning crew to arrive when everyone has left for the day and they may refuse. This can prove to be difficult for you especially if you have a busy, client-facing business. 

6. Not Meeting Safety Standards

Cleaning protocols and industry standards are followed by established and reputable cleaning companies. These are the standards set by the following organizations:

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Get The Professional Janitorial Service You Deserve

You could be in the process of assessing the ability of your present janitorial service provider. Or, you could be in search of a new cleaning crew to handle your facility so that you can better focus on running your business. 

The professionals at Servi-Tek will ensure that the highest standards of cleanliness are maintained regularly. 

We make use of the latest procedures and technologies to deliver a stellar job and to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Schedule an appointment with us now by calling at 866-454-6185 or using our online form.


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